Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Unique new advocacy service to parents of children with learning problems

Ceres Psychological Services, is a group of retired Licensed Educational Psychologists who have arganized as a non-profit group to provide counseling and advocacy services to parents of children with learning disabilities.

The introductory statement, “So you have been informed that your child has a learning disability, Now What?” explains where they begin their support of parents seeking their services. Etta Brown, the director, says that the high rate of unemployment is the reason why services are so affordable or, as is most often the case, free of charge.

Reason for the service

The psychologist providing services say that the law Title IV, No Child Left Behind is their motivation for being involved. Originally signed into law in 2002, the 1997 amendments were signed into law on June 5, 1997.

The law states, “The purpose of Title IV (No Child Left Behind) is to promote parental choice… Parents armed with data, are the best forces of accountability in education. And parents, armed with options and choice, can assure that their children get the best, most effective education possible.”

Parents not prepared for delegated responsibilities

To acquire all this skills needed to be effective in this new role would take the equivalent of a four-year college education. And if you are like most parents who are working and trying to raise a family, you just don’t have time to research the data needed to knowledgeably advocate for your child’s education.

Why the retirees coach parents

The lack of parent preparation is the reason why the retirees at Ceres Psychological Services have returned to the process to coach parents. Meetings at school can be intimidating, and schools sometimes unintentionally deny parents their rights.

Parents who have received the services of these retirees state that they feel more confident in meetings, and can better represent their child because they know their rights under the law, and have learned how to express their concerns.

Services available nationally

Parent coaches are available to all 52 states. The service works because it is advising on Federal law and the coaches, therefore, are not limited to a particular State or geographical area.

Services are provided by fax, phone, or email so it is readily available at no cost to the parent. The organization is supported by the sale of their book Learning Disabilities: Understanding the Problem, Managing the Challenges and the book is reasonably priced in printed or e-book form.

The retired psychologists have an international following of parents, teachers, administrators, and graduate students who find their services and willingness to answer questions and share information invaluable.


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